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6 min read

7 Reasons to Switch to Convene in 2020

By Solomon Rackham on 24-Sep-2020 09:00:00

As we move towards the next quarter, your organisation may be considering ways it can reduce some key costs as you take stock and plan how you are going to navigate these challenging economic times.

So, make sure you are not spending too much on your board portal solution. As highlighted in a recent blog, Convene offers all the functionality your organisation needs from a board portal, at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Topics: Security Switching Board Portal Features + Functionality
1 min read

Perspectives of Cybersecurity: Risk and Investment (Part 3)

By Dheng Siah on 29-Apr-2019 14:46:48

The ‘value’ of cybersecurity comes from the losses that have been prevented as a result of its implementation.

Topics: Security
2 min read

Perspectives of Cybersecurity: Mitigative (Part 2)

By Dheng Siah on 23-Apr-2019 14:42:06

A mitigative perspective recognises that the best preventive measures are not impregnable.

Topics: Security
1 min read

Perspectives of Cybersecurity: Preventive (Part 1)

By Dheng Siah on 15-Apr-2019 11:57:10

This is the perspective that everyone probably thinks of when we talk about cybersecurity.

Topics: Security
1 min read

Perspectives of Cybersecurity: Introduction

By Dheng Siah on 10-Apr-2019 15:40:07

With high profile cyberattacks such as WannaCry and the Sony hack grabbing headlines globally, everyone is aware of the increasing risk of cyberattacks. As such, businesses across the globe have decided to dedicate more resources to their cybersecurity budget. In fact, Bloomberg reports that US financial firms have plans to further increase cybersecurity spending in 2019.

Topics: Security
4 min read

Limitations of SSO and Implementing SSO (Part 2)

By Dheng Siah on 19-Mar-2019 17:08:02

In my last blog, I introduced the concept of SSO and discussed some of its benefits. I will now address some limitations of SSO and propose measures on how to work around them.

Topics: Security

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