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There’s a smarter working evolution happening across the public sector

By Nicola Snowe on 28-Oct-2019 15:09:21

The abiding virtual image presented by Aileen Evans (right) of Grand Union Housing Group to the Smarter
Working Conference a few weeks ago, was that one of their board members having a eureka moment whilst sitting by the pool in a far flung location.

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Convene at the AoC West Midlands Clerks' Network - 10 October 2018

By Gemma Walford on 11-Oct-2018 12:59:04

Yesterday, I attended an Association of Colleges West Midlands Clerks’ Network meeting for the first time at Telford College. The day started of well, with me getting to snap this beautiful example of English countryside scenery:

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Skills That Every Remote Worker Needs [Infographic]

By Lavaniya Das on 19-Jun-2017 13:03:11

Have you ever thought about remote working, flexible working or working from home?

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Mobile Working - Strategies for Implementation

By Sangeeta Mukherjee on 14-Nov-2016 09:00:00

After our previous two articles –  Exploring mobile working and its benefits and Mobile working – Barriers to adoption – it is time to understand how an organisation can strategise the implementation of mobile working.

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Mobile working – Barriers to adoption

By Sangeeta Mukherjee on 07-Nov-2016 11:25:00

In our previous article, Exploring mobile working and its benefits, we detailed the concept of mobile working and how it clearly has become interesting and how the potential benefits are too many and too good to be ignored. However, has mobile working gained as much popularity as it should have? Have individuals and organisations started adopting mobile working to the extent we would have wished? Probably not – let us explore some reasons why.

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Exploring mobile working and its benefits

By Sangeeta Mukherjee on 31-Oct-2016 14:23:00

The tremendous developments of science and technology in recent times have caused paradigm shifts not only in the ways organisations operate, but also every aspect of the workplace and the workforce.

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