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Combat 'Zoom fatigue' with Convene Audio Conferencing

By Josh Cole-Hossain on 23-Jun-2020 10:59:37

Now that many of us are either stuck indoors or are unable to meet in person and work in an office for the foreseeable future, good remote working practices will be more vital than ever. For Boards, management teams and committees, this means equipping personnel with all the tools necessary for extensive remote meetings but also being able to maintain the right mindset.

Therefore, with the rise of video calling (particularly on Zoom), its important to realise the effect it has on our minds and the efficiency of meetings. According to researchers, professionals and many others on social media, frequent Zoom meetings lead to increased anxiety, fatigue and therefore inefficiency.

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5 min read

The perfect meeting toolbox? Zoom + Microsoft Teams vs. Convene

By Solomon Rackham on 22-Jun-2020 17:11:35

As the number of us working from home has risen significantly over the last few months, companies have been quick to share any tips and tricks to help us all stay productive and connected during this difficult time.

Everything from video call etiquette, to virtual meeting tips, to Tom Ford's How to Look Good on Webcam, there is a wealth of useful information springing up all over the internet, with everyone keen to share best practice.

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