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New Case Studies from Comic Relief, English Heritage & Queen Mary University of London

20-Jun-2019 16:13:20

In today’s environmentally conscious world, we have seen a seismic shift towards greener initiatives in public sector organisations. Concerned with reducing the environmental impact of business, charities and academic institutions share a universal aim to lower environmental and business cost wherever possible, allowing them to focus on delivering their valued offerings to society. 

We recently spoke to governance officers, board and university secretaries from some of our academic and charity customers including Comic Relief, English Heritage and Queen Mary University of London.

With environmentally sustainability at our core, we wanted to find out how Convene had delivered in terms of increased efficiency and improved productivity while lowering financial cost.

Convene has shaped and defined board level user experience even amongst the most paper-wedded institutions. Queen Mary University reported savings of several hundred sheets of paper, accompanied by a marked reduction in administration costs due to the extensive use of paper as is usually the case with board packs at academic institutions.

English Heritage were pleased to report a welcome ability to easily collate and circulate extensive board packs and allow for late papers to be submitted, resulting in a smoother flow of information before, during and after board meetings.

Trustees within Comic Relief, who had previously relied upon paper board packs, quickly became strong proponents of the paperless model owing to its accessibility and intuition. Sarah Kucera, the board secretary for Comic Relief also highlighted Convene in terms of its value for money, being equally effective but less expensive when compared against its competitors.

Feedback has shown that implementation within a single department frequently results in Convene extending its reach across other business divisions of an organisation. This was the case at English Heritage, who then further implemented the Convene solution within its sister organisation, Historic England. Convene is now also used by other organisations in the same governance group including the National Archives and the Science Museum.

For the complete picture, and to find out more about what our customers say about us, take a look at our case studies page.

Daniel Cadavid

Written by Daniel Cadavid